Monday, November 27, 2006

Oh What FUN!!!

It is Monday and the weekend has passed, but what a great weekend it was. We held our annual State Youth Convention at the Rosen Centre Hotel on International Drive with, I believe, over a thousand middle and high school students in attendance from all over the state. I had two roles this weekend and I just loved doing both! The weekend was not a part of my paid job description, but because I work here, I was asked to help and privileged to do so. My biggest job was taking care of our speaker, the band, and our emcee. Friday night getting all of them there was the adrenaline rush! Two were flying in late, one band member lost her luggage on the flight down and then another switched rooms and lost her luggage in the hotel between floors and bellhops! EEEEEEEEEE She walked on stage with what felt like seconds to spare! My other job was leading the high school girls' session on Saturday morning which was also a ton of fun. So much personal experience came out in that time as I shared some about my life and reflected on the life of Esther. I had little sleep over the entirety of the weekend, but was energized at the same time.

I think I've mentioned Margaret on here before. She is the one who prayed for me even before I set foot in Florida and I still meet with her and Greg and another pastor on Thursday mornings for prayer! Finally, that's a pictures of her and I backstage in the "greenroom." She spent the weekend at the hotel praying for the whole thing!

This was our emcee for the weekend, Jeff. He kept me on my toes all weekend, but I had a blast running around after him! (Really Jeff, I did!) Jeff doesn't stop with the funny, but you know me...I did talk him into one serious conversation over breakfast!

Patrick (sitting), Bill, Maggie, Phil, and Steve. All but Patrick, are a part of GraceRiver Church here in Orlando. It was so much fun working this event with so many people on staff with the church or in the Resource Center. I'm just glad I still get to work with these folks and hopefully be a part of some more amazing events here in the near future! This was our hospitality suite and Bill made sure snacks were available all weekend when we could sneak away and grab a quick bite. Our only meal together was on Friday before the kids arrived and the madness began.

Can you believe the Christmas season is here. I'm so excited, it means I get to go home for a long visit and see so many of you! I have already put up some Christmas decor and I promise I will put pictures of my new place up this week. Just let me finish decorating and I'll take pictures then!

My love to you all.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Some more pics!

This post has pictures, but scroll down to "Happy Thanksgiving" for an update!
Three Amigas at Siesta Key Beach.
Ok, I think this one needs explaining! They have live bait vending machines outside of Wal-Mart! Worms...we used to pour soapy water on the lawn at night and wait for them to come up for air!
Alisa and I. That's my new house in the background...I always knew there was a (warrior) princess inside of me!Ok, this one was on my magic carpet ride! We were way too impatient to wait in long lines at Disney, so we hopped on the rides with short lines...we went with Aladdin to see a whole new world!
Sara and Alisa on the tram after a quick day at DisneyWorld! Yes, it's time for jackets even in Florida! I love these girls!
I am now in a 2 bed/2 bath condo and have plenty of room for visitors. You can see from the pics what fun we have here in Florida!:) Looking forward to seeing some of you at Christmas! You are loved!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm so thankful for so much. This morning as I sat in Starbucks and spent time preparing for this weekend (this is the weekend I'm speaking to the h.s. girls at our state convention) I realized this morning was a gift. The temperature was 39 with wind chill, I had an eggnog latte, my journal, my Bible, my wool coat, my insturmental Christmas tunes (I know it's early, but I play it when I can) and I sat and just enjoyed the moments. Life has been moving so quickly. I'm not advocating for it to slow down, but my plate has been full of activities and I sense I need rest and some new boundaries. Most of what is happening is on the fly and that catches me off guard and unprepared most of the time. The lesson I'm learning? I've got to continue to live and enjoy God in the midst of the fly and I need to take care of myself.

So much has happened in the span of this year. I'm surprised by some of it and thankful for all of it. The opportunities and adventures and people I've crossed paths I think of the gang I ran around with in Costa Rica, Eloisa-Anita-Damien, and that I am now in Florida and doing things I've prayed for. So much stuff---I feel exhausted in some ways and energized in others. I'm really looking forward to Powers over Christmas break...some major down time.

Alas, it was wonderful to have Sara and Alisa here for a long weekend! We did it all! Disneyworld, Siesta Key, Downtown Disney, Celebration, shopping in the boutiques (and Wal-Mart). It was just so good to have some home here. It was the perfect time too, not too short and enough time to really feel like we had time to visit. Because of this new job and all the exposure I've had lately to personality profiles and tests, I made them take a few tests. We did one of them over dinner while listening to a guy sing (well actually I think Alisa sang louder) some old favorites as we enjoyed dining on the roof top deck of a fun little mexican restaurant! We laughed alot! Good for the soul! Here are a few fun pics!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

It's Me...I'm Here!

Hey folks! Wow, I feel neglectful and I apologize because I have had so much I want to share and yet so overwhelmed and busy with work and life and company from home (Yeah!) that I've not been on here much at all. I want to put pictures on, but my camera was on vacation (hopefully only dead batteries) while Sara and Alisa were here, so I'm waiting on their pictures before I can put them up on the blog!

Alas, I have found a place to live and stayed up until 3AM last night settling in. You know me, I'm a nester and once I get somewhere, I have to unpack and I get so excited organizing and putting things away and rearranging my furniture. I have a very incredible place and I just happened upon it. Never lived in, 2 bed/2 bath, price was dropped right before I called, cozy small complex with a beautiful commons area. I'm excited about it and feel like I can really live here. Because it is newly renovated, the inside plumbing has been a problem, but I am hopeful for an easy fix.

It was warm again today! Wierd that Thanksgiving is only a week away and I'm still in t-shirts and flip-flops. I kinda like it right now though. I had my first eggnog latte (mmmmm) last week and it was the strangest thing to drink it and not be wearing a sweater and a wool jacket with mittens and a scarf! I miss mittens and scarves...I'll just wear them 24/7 over Christmas!:)

I want to continue this journey with you and I do intend to keep posting so stop by every once in a while. Something tells me the ride is going to get even more exciting! Just perspective on life!
Love you all and looking forward to visiting soon and some frost on the grass!