Saturday, April 29, 2006

Hey Hey! Well, today I spent a bit of time at Barnes and Noble trying to find something to supplement the Spanish that I did learn in CR. I love going to that place...I lose track of all time wandering through there looking at all the books. "Spanish for Gringos" is the workbook I ended up with.! :) I was excited as I looked through it and realized I did learn something in CR! The past month has been so full of activities and people. What a joy to see so many friends and family...Stanford's with the girlfriends, lots of coffee dates with hearts like mine, Powers, Easter with my family who I deeply love! I have told many of you about the opportunity that "popped up" at the close of my time in San Jose. For those that I have not yet shared with...I am flying to Florida over Memorial Day weekend for an interview!!!!!! GASP, I KNOW, FLORIDA!?!?! During my last week in San Jose, I spent a day playing tour guide for one of the speakers of the convention, at the end of which he said he'd like to explore the idea of creating a place for me on his staff. What timeliness on the Lord's part as I was (and am) processing through what the future might hold. I don't have details as to the job description, but that will be a significant part of my time/interview in May. The photo I am posting was taken that same day and I can still feel the refreshed excitement of possibility and a heart turned full toward Heaven's great purpose.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Let me start with sharing a quirk. It has "bugged" my type A since the beginning of this blog. "What's that," you ask. The blog doesn't allow me to (or I haven't figured out how to) seperate my paragraphs!!! All my thoughts seem to run on and I'll change from light-hearted to serious without a break in pace. Ms. Fronk (high school English teacher) would be so upset! Anyway, no use trying to start another paragraph so here goes... I am home and physically settled back into the life I left, apartment & neighbors, meetings, work, traffic. I haven't sat too long to reflect on the trip much, but it has been coming in bits and pieces. This last week I washed my flip-flops of the last grains of sand reminding me of those beautiful sunrises and peace in the morning. The rose my mom gave me at the airport is still in the beautiful vase, though it is not looking so good. I am unconsiously (now consiously) refusing to throw it away for then it means I am really home and my trip is over. The trip I dreamed and planned and worried over for the last year, year and a half. Saddens me, but I keep reminding myself of the gift that it was and that wonderful things are still in the future, not just in the memories of the past. In His faithfulness, the Lord has opened doors and I am allowing those to simmer as I sift through them. I was flipping through Oswald Chamber's "My Utmost for His Highest" this evening and "happend" across January 2. Please, this is so good, take just a moment to read. This explains why I went to Costa Rica and why I don't know what He has in the future...there is no logical answer! (Smiling!!!) All I know is that God knows. The link again for following along and praying for me. Your prayers were heard and answered! "May the Lord continually bless you with Heaven's blessings as well as with human joys." -Psalm 128:5 My love to you all!