Thursday, November 20, 2008

The First Test

Or in other words, the first rain! I'm in my new place in NE Portland, wearing a smile on my face, strolling the leaf covered streets, meeting my new neighbors, getting to know the coffee shops in my neighborhood, walking to the grocery store, basically enjoying myself and my place here. In this new place, I imagine life without relying on a car. All of my basic needs are within 4 blocks, even the US Post Office. Then this morning, I stepped out the door and it was raining. "Will I really walk?", I asked myself. Yes, I have to. Even if I wanted to drive, I wouldn't find a closer parking spot! I pulled out the umbrella along with the rain jacket and off I went. I'm going to need those rainboots this winter if I keep up the walking! I do not enjoy wet socks or feet! I'm no duck! GO BEAVS!!! (My plug for civil war!)

My heart belongs in the city right now. I don't entirely understand it, but I come alive here and feel a great sense of purpose. I'm still on the hunt for a job, but am fixed this week and praying for a particular job at "lucy." With each step, I'm navigating. One of those phrases from the past that keeps popping into my conscience...AND I TRUST IN YOU. I believe God for provision and am thankful for times like this when I have to rely on Him. I want my life to be the proof of His work on our behalf! If we would but stop ourselves and allow Him access, I wonder what kind of motion that would create?!

These two pictures are blown up and sitting on the mantel above my fireplace. They remind me of where I've been and where I'm going. I can only see so far down the boardwalk, but I know beauty, here in the sun rising, will be one part of the journey.