Sunday, April 08, 2012



Last Quarter of Classes

I really hoped to be better at keeping a record of life's happenings on here, especially as I'm in school and the weeks/days fly by.  I'm older.  My memory is going to start going.  I want to keep a record of all the lovely things God does and provides in my life.  I'm simple minded and I often need the reminder of all His goodness in, toward, and for me.

Last quarter was in the hospital.  Pediatrics @ Doernbecher-5 weeks-enjoyable, quite.  Cardiovascular/telemetry @ Kohler Pavilion-5 weeks-fantastic, really.  I heart the heart and the vascular network and all of it.  I find it captivating, intriguing, challenging, and exciting.  And…big news…I'll be spending my summer clinical rotation on the same cardiovascular unit!  I'm thrilled!  God continues to show up in such tangible ways.  This quarter, for my population experience, I'm in Hood River at La Clinica.  Again, my top choice.  I'm so pleased and feel this will be a rich experience and useful in my future work abroad.

{The head dump}
About to turn 35.  
Just spent a week @ Principe de Paz with women from Powers.  Delightful.
Feeling like senioritis b/c I don't want to study.  
The sun is out.  Spring
That might be why I don't want to study.
Running a half in May.
I haven't run for 2 weeks due to a little bug I brought home from GUATE.
My heart is celebrating today.
Jesus is risen.