Thursday, October 09, 2008

Oregon, I'm falling in love

It's me! Yeah, I'm actually on here and in my happy place ie cup of coffee, free wifi, passerbys meandering in and out of the rain. This, this is what inspires me to get on my laptop and start tap, tapping away!

So, hello again! I'm in Portland this week looking for jobs/apts and feeling extremely excited. I do believe I'm in on a very cool place, but I've got to wait for the final call. It's in the Irvington district and everything I need is walkable (grocery store, restaurants, coffee shops, post office, cleaners, mall, max line to downtown)! It's wonderful. I have thoughts of San Jose Costa Rica where I walked and rode public transportation everywhere. (Cute boys too, yay!;)!!!) And, jobs are looking up too as I finally have a polished resume ready to go. I just can't wait to settle into a place. It's gonna feel like Christmas opening up all my belongings that have been boxed since Florida! Wow, if I never mind cause I'm sure I will!

So, Oregon and falling in love. I started to realize a few months ago that I am definitely a NW girl. A few weeks ago, I went on an afternoon bachelorette winery tour with some great friends. Dundee OR looks like Tuscany. Not that I've been to Italy, but it looks like pictures from Under the Tuscan Sun and the Olive Garden Menu! I didn't know Oregon had it in her, but I'm proud; wine, ocean, mountains, fall, changing leaves, rain (yes that too, used my umbrella today for the first time in a few years!), runners, bikers, Trader Joes! It's good to be here.