Tuesday, May 19, 2009


describes my life!

movement to a beautiful house with some great ladies. i'm so glad to be in a house and it's wonderful to have roommates again.

(the new place)

movement up a hill with some co-workers yesterday, the gorge on the WA side and a trek up Hamilton's mountain. waterfalls to keep us energized and a great view from the top. i'm planning to take advantage of living in the nw again and it's soon summertime!

(planning to top that point)

(beautiful views from the ridgeline)

(a waterfall shared it's mist to cool us)

movement to the rhythms of christopher williams about a month ago. annie (one new roomie) and i hosted the singer/songwriter for an evening and what a great night.

(so great to have a crowd gather in the apt. and shake up the neighborhood!)

movement toward fullest life possible. i'm in a continued conversation with my Creator as to how i might best live each year, each day of the year, each hour of the day, each minute of the hour. life, a gift, and i want to love well and live well.

because i am alive, i will...