Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Gua, Gua, Guatemala

Oh where to begin…

It was this time exactly 5 years ago that I was preparing to leave for 2 months in Costa Rica and here I am.


I may be 'freaking out' because I lack many details to this whole plan, but the reality is I'm certain of it.  God keeps freaking me out with the way He quietly answers my 'thoughts barely turned prayers' in the midst of December chaos.


Spanish has eerily been infiltrating my life and seemingly with some ease (the little I know) thanks to the Mexican and Guatemalan men I work with.  "Como se dice…?" (Translated, "How do you say…")

Or maybe…

I'm slowly checking off the list of things keeping me from crossing borders:
  • Appointment for the Travel Clinic (looking like 3-4 shots)
  • Canceling car insurance
  • Quitting my job
  • Prepping nursing school applications so I can hit the send button from Guatemala
  • Formulating thoughts of how YOU can be involved in a project I'm praying will encourage and make those girls at the orphanage experience LOVE.

Here, I'll start here…

I sat with my Gospel Community last night and shared much of what I've been feeling.  I'm over the whole "what am I thinking, I quit my job" and onto how vulnerable I feel going to a place where I am unknown.  I DO NOT FEAR FOR MY SAFETY.  Not that kind of vulnerable.  The kind of vulnerable you feel when you sit in the middle of the room unable to fully communicate or operate according to your former ability!  I find great value in being known and knowing how to operate among my peers, family, friends, co-workers.  It's safe- knowing how and where you fit, but I'm heading into a situation where I have no idea.  And that's where I'm going to stop.  I'm deciding to recognize that which God has orchestrated and deciding to sit back in awe of His ability to provide EVERYTHING.  For all I knew, I had plans to be on my way to Haiti…Guatemala City, here I come.

I'm so excited too!  It may not always seem that way, but when I lift my head from the list and the pile of December distractions, I catch myself imagining life with these girls.  Loving on them, learning from them, and my nurturing soul cannot wait to dote on them.  It brings tears to my eyes to write this.  

I realize many of you are in the dark with many of the details.  Let me share a bit!  In Guatemala City, I will be at an orphanage which houses 62 girls from the age of 6 up to 20.  These girls have been abused, abandoned, and orphaned.  From my understanding, the older girls live in independent housing while the younger ones live in houses with house mothers.  The younger girls, up to grade 9, are educated on the property until they reach a certain age and make their way to public school.  They also have a clinic on the property which serves both the girls and the surrounding community.  (I was super excited to learn this AND to learn that they also have English language classes for the girls…possible opportunities???)  I wish I could share more, but I myself am lacking details.  Rest assured, this blog will provide those along the way.  My hope and prayer, God would stretch both my life and your life in this.  Think BIG!  Maybe a group of my family and friends should spend a week serving some young ladies in Guatemala. 

And one more thing to check off the list…I just purchased my plane ticket in the midst of writing this.  Wanted to be able to share that in this post! ;)

Certainly, MORE TO COME!

San Jose, Costa Rica- March 2006

Friday, December 10, 2010

Joy to the World

Joy to the world, the Lord is come and we've finally put up a few decorations to help usher in the Christmas Spirit.  Currently, I just stare, smile and enjoy our beautiful bouquets of fir, holly, and pine.  (No tree this year.) Despite the busy December calendar, my prayer (as I write this) is that these bouquets and lights and glass balls and candles and Christmas treats will serve as reminders of what this season means to me and why I celebrate.

             MERRY CHRISTMAS          

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Some love...

…from our Thanksgiving day celebration.  Thanks to Nik and David for being such phenomenal hosts year after year!  And this year Auntie (pronounced "annie") Trish declared what has become tradition, the girls stuffing the bird in our p-jays.  I think we all filled up on the delicious hors d'oeuvres, but somehow we managed to nosh on the main dish.  A little collage and a little video for your viewing pleasure!  We sure missed those of you who weren't able to join us this year.

A lot to be thankful for.
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