Friday, May 26, 2006

Hello from Orlando. Just wanted to put up a quick post as it is late here and I am tired. Things are going well and I have met most of the staff, had some good conversations with Greg, and am actually doing well at processing through all the information. (Sometimes I tend to process slowly, but then I have had the past two months to think on this!!! :) ) I have had my big questions, up to this point, answered without having to ask them and that has been a positive. Tomorrow, we will continue to talk details and I will have the opportunity to see more of Orlando...keep praying. Sending my love from FL.
P.S. It rained here today...I'm sure I brought some of that with me from the NW!
Steph ;)

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The adventure continues...and I am being diligent and faithful to walk through doors that open before me. I don't believe in coincidence, but I am also a "calculated" risk taker. (Which may mean I'm not even much of a risk taker!!:) ) It has been such a great encouragement, for me personally, to have an opportunity like Florida come along and to process with each of you through what that might mean.

I told my friend Sara, over Chez Jose enchiladas before I left for Costa Rica, I feel like I'm falling in love. Don't get any ideas...there isn't anyone in particular, just this wonderful feeling of freedom from striving to make life work. Sitting back and watching it unfold, as well as pressing-in in confidence of what God can do on my (our) behalf, it is just great freedom! I am living in that love and confidence.

A little story/life lesson...
I have a plant that sits in my window. It was given to me by friends who moved to Florida 3 years ago as they didn't want to pack it along and I had a new apartment that desperately needed some greenery. I don't have a green thumb, but was especially determined to make this plant live after someone accused me of killing my plants. (SARA!) This poor plant has been through the ringer...I had to cut it back to just a few stems and start to water it more regularly. I did this for two and a half years as it gradually grew more and more. At one point, it was knocked over and basically uprooted, but I put it back in it's pot and kept nuturing it. Back in October, after emerging from a walk through the valley and beginning to really make plans for time in another culture, I noticed a new little sprout. This one looked different and I kept my eye on it. It was the flower! Hadn't blossomed in all the time I had been caring for it, but in time it appeared. I was killing it off in order to bring it back. What a great insight into life. How God arranges life's circumstances, painful, hard, cutting off, uprooting in order to grow and bring about the beauty inside that only He is often aware of.

So, I am off to Orlando tomorrow and am looking forward to the experience whatever happens in the end. I love you all and am so very blessed. Blessed in order to bless...keep passing it along. I will try to post Friday or Saturday if I can get a computer and internet. Thanks for following!
Much love,