Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A string of events...until YOU find the meaning.

Life is spinning! Not really out of control, just non-stop movement since August 15th, when I headed out to Oregon. And now, I'm off to Argentina and Paraguay for 12 days. It seems as though, instantly, my year and maybe even the last two, have been so full of travel. I must admit I desired this and hoped for it...and well here it is. I'm enjoying it for all that it is and finding meaning and purpose in each trip.

Life is a string of events...that isn't necessarily a negative message IF you find meaning and purpose it those string of events. The events of life in Orlando are running together and I'm holding on for the ride.

Have I told you I changed jobs a few weeks ago?! Whew! Add to the spinning, but it is good, very good!

I will do my best to post while I am in South America!
Love, love, love

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Before and After Me

"I remember having a warm, settled feeling as I sat on the porch and listened to the older folks remembering the shared stories of their lives. My sense of security grew from an awareness that all this had been going on before me, that though I was a part of it, I wasn't responsible for it." -J. Eldredge

From a book written by an author I've come to know over the last few years. I read this tonight and it resounded deep. I am reminded that all of this was happening before me and will go on after me. I am just a part of a larger plot. Always makes my mind reel though, with wonder, confusion, amazement.

Just a thought late tonight...

Monday, September 10, 2007

Sh;aring; all of life; with you!

Um, yes, you notice the semi-colon in; the title; and you will notice it; seems m;y computer ;;has; some sort of bug; or; sticky key or something. And ;since I love to share life, all of life; and daily life with you, you are ;now privileged; to experience the annoying semi-colon. It ;makes for writing emails a bit; of a problem!

Started; the ;new job today; and am looking; forward to learning and growing in this new position. I am ;still headed to Paraguay; and Argentina (with; the ;previous job-it all seems to overlap!); later; this month,; the; 27th; through the 9th so be checking on here during that; time; as; I will post if access is available; and definitely after the; trip.

I; still have some Malibu stories ;to share, but am still working on them. Soon...;)

Sunday, September 02, 2007

I'm Back!

Not sure that the exclamation point on the end of the heading is an ecstatic, "I'm back in Orlando!" or more so an "I'm back on here." I returned tonight and have been traveling the last 36 hours from north of Vancouver B.C. ...each second so worth the tiresome journey! From foot to boat to car to ferry to plane...I'm been on the move! Malibu was nothing less than wonderful. A get away with distinguished meaning. The drain on life is what tends to wear on the spiritual life, emotional, physical, etc and I am always so thankful for those times away that are refreshing. To see life outside of the normal daily demands.

Last week I got a taste of my dream job...barista! I spent time in the coffee shop at camp (Hamilton's) making drinks and had a blast. Getting to talk with people, learn and share stories, it was so much fun! I met some new, wonderful people who made the week a delight. I'll share more as the week goes by and I have some more time.

Until then, to all of you reading that I had the opportunity to visit...I love you and miss you, you bless me whenever I see you! And to new friends, I'm glad to have shared the week at Malibu with you!

Brad, Paula and I waiting for the "snow."

It "snowed" during one of the family game times!

Inspiration Point-A 6AM hike, or more like mountain climb, up up up to get a good look at camp.