Sunday, April 05, 2009

You should be FIRED...

I know it sounds harsh, but you really didn't do your job today! Your sign, the one you carried through the whole race (thanks for that), said "9:30 pace setter" when in fact you were running at a 9 and even possibly a sub 9 minute mile. So, you really shouldn't be a pace-setter if you're not going to run accordingly.


We took off out of the shoot this morning at 7:01.07am, rounded the corner to cut under I-5 before crossing into downtown PDX, and came upon the pace-setter for the 9-and-a-half minute mile group. I told the girls this morning that I hoped to finish in under 2:05 so when we saw the runner carrying the sign, we decided to follow suit. After about 2 miles we started to feel like the pace was a bit quick and finally at mile 3, I checked our time and indeed we were under 9 minutes per mile! I think the runner finally realized she was going too fast because she slowed up significantly at mile 3. Well, I'm really not complaining, just teasing and it made for a few jokes during the race that she should be fired! It was a great distraction through some of the uphill climbs and I'm actually thankful she set us off to a GOOD, STRONG pace to finish the race in 1:59.22! I'm ecstatic to have finished in under 2 hours, even if only by seconds.:)

Connie and Alisa were great company on this run and we had phenominal running weather. Currently, I'm slouched down in my comfy couch and enjoying the conclusion of this training stint. Thanks to the neighborhoods around my apartment, the tunes on my iPod, and the ups and downs of NE/SE PDX-it's been a good round. I'm looking forward to the next!