Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Catching up.

School is kicking my behind, blah!  I've really wanted to try and keep some sort of log of events to remember because I knew this year would fly by and it {mostly} has.  ONE day and FOUR weeks to go until a break and then my final quarter, summer Integrated Practice, aka clinicals.

Times with the Lord have been sweet.  I still wonder how He'll wrap up some of these pulls I'm beginning to feel.  Tis good, I'm confident in His plans for me!  And each morning I'm setting my prayers before Him.  The burden is lifted in this action.  I'm thankful.  

Sort recap:

Snowed on my b-day wknd in Sunriver.  Yep, 35 this year.
[ LOVE ] We still had a wonderful time, really great.

And then the sun did shine and we rode bikes. [Refreshed]

Round-up with the fam and good folks.  Gorgeous day and weekend. 

Dad @ E's. Good. 
Running.  Sometimes I feel real tough, like this day in Forest Park

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